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Menezil Engineering Corporation

Menezil Engineering is a leading Non Destructive Examination and Engineering Inspection service provider, providing high quality testing through non-destructive examination, engineering inspection and visual inspection. Menezil Engineering employees consistently aspire to exceed the needs and deliver what they promise.

Menezil Engineering inspectors and engineers have solid experience on performing Dye Penetrant Inspection, this Inspection is one of the most useful NDE/ NDT methods. The popularity of this inspection can be attributed to two main factors: its relative ease of use and its flexibility. Liquid Penetrant Inspection can be used to inspect almost any material. Menezil Engineering technicians and engineers uses Dye Penetrant Inspection to detect surface discontinuities in both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. In castings and forgings, these may be cracks or leaks in new products or fatigue cracks in in-service components. Our technicians use visible red dyes under visible light conditions or fluorescent dyes under ultraviolet light to perform the inspection.  Inspections are performed by highly trained technicians certified IAW SNT-TC-1A, NAS410 & CP189.