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Menezil Engineering Corporation

Menezil Engineering is a leading Non Destructive Examination and Engineering Inspection service provider, providing high quality testing through non-destructive examination, engineering inspection and visual inspection. Menezil Engineering employees consistently aspire to exceed the needs and deliver what they promise.

Menezil Engineering perform high quality thickness testing using the latest ultrasonic testing equipment, We perform UT testing to various equipment that includes but not limited to boiler tubes, piping, storage tank, pressure vessels. We use small diameter UT meter transducer when taking tube readings. The size of the transducers are 1/4″ diameter head, 5/16″ maximum with 5 MHZ frequency and a dual beam. Other transducer are used upon customers’ request. We calibrate our UT meters with certified calibration blocks, ranging in size from 0.100 to 0.300 inches, and the temperature of the calibration block is within 25 F of the material being tested.